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Does Organic Hair Colour Matter?

Getting your hair coloured is an experience. Whether you’re totally changing your look, touching up for maintenance or covering those pesky greys. Does it really matter that we’re going organic in our hair colour too? The answer is absolutely! Most traditional hair dyes contain harmful chemicals that can be damaging to yourself and your lovely […]

Maintain your colour with PureServe

We all love the feeling of having freshly coloured hair. Whether it’s a big colour change, or just freshening up, there’s something uplifting about leaving a salon with newly vibrant locks. But how can you keep colour treated hair from fading and looking dull without compromising your values and the health of your hair? Intelligent […]

Your New Organic Skincare Obsession

Welcome to your new skincare obsession – Organic Nation. This is my personal guarantee, I have been using and loving these products for months and went back for more when they were done. Let me tell you why… When Organic Nation states these products are “pure performance” – they mean it. I have never had […]

Organic Beauty is Easy

Organic Beauty is truly easy! Many consumers have made the switch to shopping organic produce and foods. We’re paying attention to what goes into our bodies, so why aren’t we paying attention to what we’re putting on our bodies as well? Organic beauty is easy – we stand by this promise. We’ve done the vetting […]

Pure Plenty FAQ

THICKER, FULLER, HEALTHIER, SAFELY, SERIOUSLY Here are some questions we thought you might have. If your answer is not below, please contact our customer service team or send us a note on Facebook or Twitter Q-1 WHAT IS PUREPLENTY™? PurePlenty is our 3-product regimen designed to reinstate the life force of fine, limp or thinning […]