Does Organic Hair Colour Matter?

Getting your hair coloured is an experience. Whether you’re totally changing your look, touching up for maintenance or covering those pesky greys. Does it really matter that we’re going organic in our hair colour too? The answer is absolutely!

Most traditional hair dyes contain harmful chemicals that can be damaging to yourself and your lovely locks. When you have the option of reducing these toxins and replacing them with natural products, do yourself, your body, your hair and your planet a favour and take advantage.

NATURIGIN is the most natural way of colouring hair on the market today. By using as many certified organic, natural and mild ingredients as possible, these 19 beautiful shades give you the results you want without compromising performance or functionality. Based in Denmark, this family owned company strives to keep their position as the leaders in natural hair colour while remaining cruelty free. They are serving the professional community and the environment we live in by always creating and supplying cleaner products.

This certified organic hair colour line uses oils derived from fruits, seeds, soy, shea butter and aloe to pump your hair with amazing benefits while still getting that vibrant permanent colour. Hair is an extension of personal style. Companies like NATURIGIN provide us with better alternatives and show us it’s possible to show it off the natural way!

Laura Findlay

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