Introducing… Be On Me

Introducing… Be On Me: the skincare for nature lovers. Be On Me carries a selection of products from traditional skincare like cleansers, toners, masks, serums and moisturizers to a full sports line, and products for tattoos and piercings.

This brand is designed for specific skin needs whether you’re facing dryness, oiliness, breakouts or just need great options for daily care. The certified organic line from Italy is not only extremely affordable but environmentally conscious. Plus, it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free!

The first thing I noticed and loved about this new line is their unique use of rich, natural ingredients to help with different skin emergencies. Organic cornflower is used as an exceptional decongestant; apple cider vinegar regulates skin’s PH and combats the formation of bacteria. They even use rice powder to absorb excess oil and smooth complexion. There are products based on skin type, for example Face Cream for Sensitive Skin and Face Serum for Impure Skin. Or by what your skin is craving – Nourishing, Purifying or Hydrating Face Masks work wonders!

Be On Me’s sport line is a functional range of products to help you perform your best in sport, training and workouts while still taking care of yourself and using ingredients on your body that you can be sure are good for you! Anti-Friction Cream, Massage Gel and Refreshing Gel can enhance your performance by eliminating pesky irritation and soreness associated with exercise.

One of my favourite products, the Anti-Friction Cream can be used for athletic activities or anytime damp skin is at risk of irritation (I loved this during the summer on hot days when my skin was rubbing together!). Veronica, an avid runner from Surrey, BC says “Your product provides complete protection – it’s wonderfully effective, and I’ve never used anything that works as well at your cream did.” After using it for a 10km run in the rain, she is hooked!

The tattoo and piercing lines are products with smartly blended ingredients to reduce inflammation, redness and accelerate the healing process. Professional products are easy to use and can help lubricate the skin granting a smooth surface for the needles to glide effortlessly. After care products use organic ingredients to soothe irritation and preserve the longevity and brightness of the colour. The perfect products for those who love to wear their artwork!

Be On Me is the first Ecocert certified organic skincare line that has developed skincare for both short term and long term care of skin, sports, tattoos and piercing while respecting your body, animals and the environment.

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