Maintain your colour with PureServe

We all love the feeling of having freshly coloured hair. Whether it’s a big colour change, or just freshening up, there’s something uplifting about leaving a salon with newly vibrant locks. But how can you keep colour treated hair from fading and looking dull without compromising your values and the health of your hair? Intelligent Nutrients’ Pureserve products preserve the colour of your hair and improve longevity without the use of toxins or sulfates. Created with plant science, these products were developed to cleanse and nourish hair while protecting the hair shaft to improve colour retention.

The PureServe Shampoo and PureServe Colour Shield make use of specific, natural ingredients to help maintain a vibrant colour and nourish the scalp and hair without stripping natural oils. Tilia creates a protective barrier around the hair shaft while locking in moisture so your strands are defended against daily damage such as UV, wind and a dry atmosphere. Quinoa is a natural protein for hair colour retention, condition and protection. Replenishing butters from Shea, Murumuru and Cupuacu help retain important minerals like zinc and sulfur – keys to healthy hair while blocking out free radicals from environmental pollutants like smoke and smog.

Pureserve is formulated for all hair colours, so whether you’re protecting a vibrant red or a deep brunette, keeping your blonde bright or maintaining gray coverage – this line of haircare is for you. Nothing protects better than sustainable plant science.

By Laura Findlay

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