Organic Beauty is Easy

Organic Beauty is truly easy!

Many consumers have made the switch to shopping organic produce and foods. We’re paying attention to what goes into our bodies, so why aren’t we paying attention to what we’re putting on our bodies as well? Organic beauty is easy – we stand by this promise. We’ve done the vetting for you by partnering with brands that derive ingredients from natural sources and are free of harmful parabens, sulfates, and artificial scents. These companies pride themselves on creating non-toxic products to elevate the health and appearance of your skin. Backed by proven research and science, these brands instill trust in the fact that your skincare routine is doing right by your body.
But it’s more than just carrying the titles of “organic “ and “natural”; Organic Nation, Intelligent Nutrients, NATULIQUE and NATURIGIN not only care about what they’re putting on our skin, they care about how these products are produced. We work with these companies for their social responsibility and dedication to protecting the environment we live in by reducing their footprint. Sustainable practices and ethically sourced ingredients are deeply ingrained values that are practiced in every step of production; protecting oceans, farmers, pollinators and ultimately our bodies.
Did you know…?
– Organic Nation uses Organic Aloe Vera Gel as a base to their products to deliver healing properties straight to your skin
– Intelligent Nutrients carries third party certification seals that ensure products are 65-95% organic, cruelty-free and made with renewable energy.
– NATULIQUE complies with the 360BIOCERT standards, meaning a minimum of 95% natural origin ingredients and going above and beyond conventional cosmetic standards throughout production guaranteeing ingredient integrity, no animal testing, sustainable packaging, organic farming and quality control.
– NATURIGIN offers the market’s most natural way of colouring hair! This family owned company uses as many mild organic and natural ingredients as possible while holding high quality and functionality of colour
Start with your skin. Throughout the day we are exposed to a plethora of harmful substances, so how can we limit our daily intake of toxins? Like we said, we’ve done the work for you and stand by these companies. From protecting the Earth we live on to what we absorb into our skin, it’s as easy as replacing your products with natural and organic options that are safe, healing and results driven.

Laura Findlay

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