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endota Beautifully Wrapped Hydrating Lip Balm


For a radiant, hydrated smile, gift yourself or your loved ones the nourishment of our much-loved Hydrating Lip Balm, an organic formula that locks in hydration on delicate skin.

This gift includes a Hydrating Lip Balm 15gm size, beautifully wrapped in a pull out gift box with art work by Jackie Green

What’s included?

  • 1 x Hydrating Lip Balm 15gm
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A thoughtful addition to any stocking or gift and an endota favourite, our Hydrating Lip Balm is packaged in the vibrant artwork of artist Jackie Green – making for a special touch this festive season. Nourishing ingredients including cocoa butter, calendula and vitamin E work together to offer healthy hydration, while cooling peppermint oil provides a splash of freshness. The soothing balm will load your lips with moisture for a radiant smile that will last well beyond the festive season. It is also perfect to use as nourishing hydration on other areas of dry skin like cuticles – it’s a true multi-purpose balm to have on hand whenever and wherever you go.

How to Use

Whether you are beginning or ending your day, place a shower steamer at the base of your shower, to release natural aromas + crystal vibration to elevate your mood, detoxify + support deep restoration. Each shower steamer lasts up to three showers.

The Ritual

Place any of the three steamers at the base of your shower to release the uplifting aromas and crystal vibrations. Each steamer lasts up to three showers.

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