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endota Bon Bon Pack – Hands + Feet


Pull open the beautifully-designed bon bon. Reveal two deeply-hydrating endota Organics favourite. Make the season that much more special.

What’s included?

  • 1 x Signature Blend Hand Therapy 90ml
  • 1 x Avocado & Mint Foot Cream 20ml
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One’s for your hands. The other’s for your feet. Both have been brought together into the ideal gift-ready package. Pull apart the flat-bottomed bon bon, featuring beautiful artwork by Jackie Green, to reveal a gift of our Signature Hand Blend Therapy and our Avocado and Mint Foot Cream. Both are deeply-hydrating hallmarks of our naturally-nourishing endota Organics range.

Signature Blend Hand Therapy 90ml

What does it take to bring the relaxation of a spa treatment into your everyday? With our Signature Blend Hand Therapy, you’ll have it on-hand whenever you need a moment of self-care.

It comes packed with all of the essential oils, organic ingredients and aromatics that you’ll know and love if you’ve visited an endota Spa before. Like beautifully-fragrant ylang ylang and bergamot to take away the stress and turn on the calm. Or shea butter to keep your hands hydrated and smooth.

Avocado & Mint Foot Cream 20ml

We put our feet through quite a bit – whether we’re working, working out, or just walking from one journey to the next. Nature offers us all kinds of ingredients to give them something back, though. And we’ve brought some of them together in this refreshing foot cream.

Put your feet up at the end of the day and feel the revitalising tingle of cooling peppermint oil. At the same time, naturally-hydrating ingredients, including soothing shea butter and avocado oil, offer a long-lasting, moisture-rich treatment. So your feet feel as soft and smooth as they should – no matter how far you’ve trodden.

How to Use

Whether you are beginning or ending your day, place a shower steamer at the base of your shower, to release natural aromas + crystal vibration to elevate your mood, detoxify + support deep restoration. Each shower steamer lasts up to three showers.

The Ritual

Place any of the three steamers at the base of your shower to release the uplifting aromas and crystal vibrations. Each steamer lasts up to three showers.

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