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endota Bon Bon Pack – Hands + Lips


Protect your pout with our COSMOS certified natural Lip Balm and nourish your hands with endota’s iconic Signature Blend Hand Therapy.

What’s included?

  • 1 x Signature Blend Hand Therapy 90ml
  • 1 x Hydrating Lip Balm 15gm
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Crack open this beautifully-designed bon bon (featuring artwork by Jackie Green), and you’ll find two of our best-loved endota Organics products waiting to keep you hydrated.

Our Signature Blend Hand Therapy is the ideal, naturally-nourishing way to soften and smooth the skin on your hands (while soaking in the unique endota Spa aroma). For dry or chapped lips, our Hydrating Lip Balm offers a protective layer of moisture, while soothing your skin.


How to Use

Whether you are beginning or ending your day, place a shower steamer at the base of your shower, to release natural aromas + crystal vibration to elevate your mood, detoxify + support deep restoration. Each shower steamer lasts up to three showers.

The Ritual

Place any of the three steamers at the base of your shower to release the uplifting aromas and crystal vibrations. Each steamer lasts up to three showers.

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