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Ceramide Cleansing Balm


endota Organic Ceramide Cleansing Balm – 80gm

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Throughout the day, it’s only natural that our skin collects a build-up of makeup, SPF, dirt, oils and more – all of which can lead to impurities, leaving our skin feeling tired and uninspired. This COSMOS Certified Natural cleansing balm is a soothing, hydrating solution for clearing your skin of that build-up. Drawing on the power of ingredients like Ceramide NG to do so, which replicates the natural ceramides found in your skin. As healthy skin is made up of approximately 50% ceramides, Ceramide NG works to improve the barrier strength, hydration level and suppleness of your skin.

This two-in-one formula starts as a rich balm. Once you’ve added water to emulsify and begun rubbing it gently into your skin, the balm transforms into a milky, purifying emulsion – melting away impurities and providing an altogether deeper cleansing experience. The naturally-sourced ingredients carefully maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier. The end result? A gentle-yet-powerful effective cleanser that’s ideal for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. And a relaxing self-care ritual you can make a part of your everyday skincare routine with aromatherapy benefits from 100% essential oils.

Complete your cleanse by using the complimentary Cleansing Cloth to gently exfoliate and remove excess product, prepping skin for the next steps in your routine.

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Ceramide NG: Helps to lock in moisture and restore your skin’s protective barrier – while reducing the visible signs of ageing.

Australian Cannabis sativa seed oil: A natural ingredient rich in fatty acids essential for hydration and healthy barrier function.

Willow Bark Extract: A gentle exfoliant to help reveal younger, more radiant looking skin.

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