Why I Love Natulique’s Dry Shampoo

I have an announcement: dry shampoo is my new best friend. For years, my hair stylists have always asked me how often I wash my hair. I cower in my chair, meekly answering “every couple days”. More often than not, it is received by a polite yet frown-inducing “okay…”

Shampooing your hair frequently can cause dryness, split ends and breakage. But here’s where my issue lied: between hot yoga sessions and already having a naturally oily scalp, waiting a few extra days to cleanse my hair seemed out of the question. I wasn’t a fan of going around looking like I just had a bucket of oil dumped on my head. Enter: Natulique Dry Shampoo.

I had tried other dry shampoos before but found that either they turned my hair into a white stack of hay or didn’t really do anything. Natulique’s Dry Shampoo comes in a “dark tone” which was perfect for my chocolate brown roots. It doesn’t leave as much of that white residue and it’s easy to blend in. Just

a few sprays and my hair is degreased, refreshed and cleansed. The nice thing about this product is that it actually lasts all day! Its hold is strong enough that I don’t need to reapply it throughout.

The certified blueberry and jasmine extracts in the dry shampoo are natural ingredients that help improve the quality of your hair. So while you may only be using this product because you’re running late one morning, you’re actually doing your locks a favour! Blueberry is a great source of antioxidants and vitamins and can help stimulate the hair follicles for growth. Jasmine leaf extract is known to help improve the strength of your hair and can actually provide a light moisture without weighing the hair down.

If you need another reason to love this product here you go: it is paraben, sulfate and paraffin free! Natulique also uses a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic gas for their aerosols. BIO DME gas from a Certificate Program. Derived 100% from renewable Biomass Waste, Bio-DME is biodegradable, non-corrosive, and will not contaminate soil or aquifers. So you know you’re supporting a brand that’s here for you and for the environment.

A few days of dry shampoo can prolong your hair’s health in the long run. Over washing can be extremely damaging to your hair so why not save some time, money and effort and use a few sprays of this bad boy instead?

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