Organic based hair Colouring

With Certified Organic Ingredients, NATURIGIN offers you the most natural way of coloring your hair on the market.

NATURIGIN offers Organic based hair colouring!

We are a private limited family owned company situated by the port of Aarhus, Denmark. We consist of a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about health and ecology in search of high quality organic products within the personal hair care sector. Currently we manufacture 19 fabulous organic based hair colours containing Certified Organic Ingredients*.

Organic based hair colouring

Our Guarantee

With Organic based hair colouring it is our Guarantee is that NATURIGIN works towards creating safer cosmetics through the implementation of the finest and purest organic ingredients that comply with our demands for high performance. Safer for you, and safer for the environment!

Organic based hair colouring

Our Goal

With Organic based hair colouring it is our goal is to uphold our global position as the leading supplier of Natural Organic Based Hair Colours and to stay on the forefront of new developments within Natural Organic based cosmetics.

Organic based hair colouring

Our Pledge

With Organic based hair colouring it is our pledge is to ensure that the product includes as many mild organic and natural ingredients as possible, without compromising the performance or functionality.

*Cerified Organic by Independent Third Party.


Our Vision

True beauty is organic and the products of NATURIGIN must without compromise be as natural and clean as possible, achievable only through the use of natural ingredients.

Our Mission

To serve the environment and community by creating and supplying cleaner, better cosmetic products that ensure a better tomorrow for us all.

I M P R O V I N G    N A T U R I G I N


Ingredients Informations

We here at NATURIGIN pride ourselves in the fact that we supply organically based hair colours and hair care products to a health conscious market with our Organic based hair colouring! We believe in authentic beauty that works in harmony with all aspects of life and is beneficial not only to the individual, but also the environment.

Improving the Composition

NATURIGIN continuously strive to improve the composition of the formulations and /or performance of the products. For this reason formulations may be changed or altered with or without notice, but it is all for the sake of you and your hair – so we can continue to create organic based hair colouring. Examples of this is where Resorcinol is taken out 100% of some shades and thereby formulations. When there on the packaging is listed an asterix it means that select shades is without resorcinol. We refer to the specific ingredient list on the specific packaging.