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endota Rest & Restore
Magnesium Mist


endota Rest & Restore Magnesium Mist – 120ml


Magnesium has a great track record for soothing sore muscles and helping your skin’s recovery. You’ll find it in abundance in this hydrating mist – making it the perfect companion for your post-workout relaxation ritual.

As part of a therapeutic massage, the 100% pure, naturally-derived magnesium will work its magic to soothe your skin, as your body returns to its more balanced state. The care your body deserves is just a few spritzes away.

How to Use:

Massage may help to improve body circulation and may help to ease muscular soreness. Apply one to two sprays and massage into areas of muscular tension. Avoiding the face and eye areas, massage until completely absorbed into the skin.

Rinse hands well immediately after application.

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100% naturally derived magnesium. Organic aloe vera.

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